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TRY - a Very Arty Day

Resilient kids have a go, try new things and have great self esteem.


This ‘very arty day’ allows kids to try their hand at a number of different art activities including drawing, painting and sculpting. Children complete at least 3 art projects including a cool canvas to hang in their favourite space.

The day includes a large DOSE of resilience with the art and STEAM activities being designed to challenge and encourage kids to TRY instead of saying “I CAN’T”. This promises to be a day that keeps everyone entertained whilst reinforcing an important life skill.


Aprons are provided but we encourage you to send your child in clothes that don’t mind a bit of paint. Bring a healthy snack, lunch and a water bottle.


Age 6-12 years

A variety of different art materials
The Artspace Collective
Every school holidays
Loftus Community Centre
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