Forecast Rain: Boredom Buster ideas

The long range forecast for Perth currently has the rain continuing until the 14th of July. We have a number of boredom busting ideas on how you can keep your children amused inside that are guaranteed to keep your children amused for more than five minutes. In our workshops children of all ages love construction and we use a number of easily accessible materials including paper cups, blocks, spaghetti (with masking tape and string) and newspaper. Children can easily build these at home. Create a challenge by setting them a challenge by limiting the amount of material they can use and placing a time limit like 5 minutes. The idea is for children to build a tower multiple times and trying each time to get it taller and taller.

Here are 20 more challenges for your children. Print them out and challenge your children to do them all.

1. Count how many yellow things are in the house.

2. How many times can you bounce a ball against a wall without stopping.

3. Write a thank you letter to someone who has done something nice for you.

4. Blow bubbles and pop them all before they touch the floor.

5. Try to say "She sells sea shells by the sea shore" ten times without making a mistake.

6. Lie on your back in the backyard (between rain showers) and see what animals you can find in the sky.

7. Put on a show for someone in your family.

8. Think up nicknames for all of your family - mum, dad, brothers, sisters, aunty, uncles, pets

9. Find things in your house that begin with the letters in Elephant.

10. How many different faces can you make in the mirror.

11. Get someone to put on some classical music and pretend to be a conductor.

12. Think about "What you would do if you ruled Australia." Once you are ready to deliver tell your pet.

13. Build a fort in a room in your house.

14. See how many books you can balance on your head. Once you can balance them, try and walk to the other side of a room.

15. Pat your animal

16. Find a game or puzzle you can do on your own.

17. Make up a dance to one of your favourite songs.

18. Stand on your head while singing a song.

19. Write down the letters in the alphabet and then say them backwards. Once you can do that, try and do it without looking.

20. Stand in your room or toy room and find a toy you have not played with for a while. Play with it.

And if they finish them we have many more art and play activities planned in our holiday workshops. Click here to check out our workshops starting from $45.