Supporting Mistake Makers

Mistakes are okay, we all teach our child. However, learning by making mistakes can be hard. How can you help your children?

Foster a growth mindset - Teach children to think optimistically and change "I give up,” to “This is really hard and I am going to keep practicing till I get it” to help them bounce back. Let your child feel emotion - It is normal to feel sad, shocked, angry and blame when you make a mistake Encourage your children to admit how they are feeling then help them calm down.

Role model – Admit to your mistakes, talk about your emotions when things go wrong and how you bounce forward. You can even ask your kids for help and advice! Talk about what learning and success looks like – learning is not a straight line, it’s a squiggle of forward and backward movement. Remind your child about when they learnt to walk.

Praise children for their effort rather than achievement – “I really loved the way you persisted and kept going even when it was hard.”

Hold space – Give them space to experiment and try. Resist the urge to jump in and fix things. Give them time and space to experiment and to work through their emotions. By being close you can keep them safe but let them learn.

Love them – Remind your kids that you love them and value them. The mistake is a behaviour that you might not be happy with but your love is unconditional. When they knock over their 10th glass of milk, love may not be your first reaction but take a deep breath!!

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