Seven ways to better communication

In the last month as part of our partnership with Scarborough Primary School, we have been working with the school community to develop better home and school partnerships.

Better communication starts with building better relationships. So in the last few weeks parent and staff have explored what good relationships, look, sound and feel like and why they matter. In a school community lots of relationships are formed. Have you ever stopped to think why relationships matter? Here are seven ways that will improve your relationships that you can start right away. To start, our communication is better when we have better relationships but there is much, much more. Mind Matters have found that: “the benefits of home-school partnerships are apparent, with research consistently finding that teacher and family relationships are important for young people’s social and emotional wellbeing and academic achievement (Desforges & Aboucher, 2003). The development of positive relationships between families and school staff takes effort from both parties and typically develops over time rather than over a single event.” So how do you develop better relationships?

Does it mean you have to become someone's best friend. NO!

Here are 7 easy ways you can build your relationships. 1. Smile more - It takes much less effort than you think and you and the person you smile at gets a free shot of endorphins. 2. Say thank you - why not send a quick reply to the teachers email? It only takes a minute and I promise it will make their day. To practice, flick me an email and tell me why you like our newsletter in one sentence. 3. Enquire after them - teachers hear a lot of information that some parents would rather stayed at home. Maybe you know that the family's Nanna is in hospital. Asking after that person shows you care. 4. Acknowledge or give them feedback - let them know what is working and what is not. Make a time to see them just to check how everything is going. 5. Offering assistance - this could apply to any member of the school community who could do with a helping hand. It does not have to be a big thing. 6. Making eye contact when you are with them. 7. Putting your phone away and listening to the person - makes sure you are actually present and respect them.