Creative play for travel - No Mess!

We keep children entertained with our indoor, creative and fun workshops. Here are some of our parents ideas to keep everyone occupied while travelling - fun and giggles guaranteed. Sculpting - a packet of pipe cleaners or some aliminuim foil - possibilities galore. Light and easy to carry, stuff and bend. Story telling pencil case - a variation on the commercial version of Story Cube. Go to THAT draw in your house where everything that does not have a home seems to end up such as a button, toy figurines, bottle tops. Put them in a pencil case and everyones takes turns to tell a story. The sillier the better. Colour I Spy - put different discs of colour in a bag. Pull one out and start looking! Car Scavenger Hunt - compile a list of things you are likely to see on the way - e.g. a road trip - cows, maybe a petrol station, or a fish pond (if you are travelling through Changi airport). Children simply mark off on the way. Baking trays with white board markers and magnets - an activity station, just dont forget something to rub it off. Sturdy and light and when they are finished it just fits in the car seat pocket. Of course dont forget the drawing stuff. Click on our "I don't want to clean up the mess" blog to find ideas for simple drawing activities which includes our favourites - Squiggle Me and Find a Fish. If you have a great activity that we need to know about, head over to our Facebook to share with our community.