Love is hope

I have torn myself away from my Harry & Meghan commemorative wedding full colour spread to write this blog, so I’ll be keeping it brief.

Royal wedding fever has certainly swept western society. Over 4 million Australians tuned in to watch, 29 million in the US and 18 million in the UK. Why the attraction? The royal wedding spoke to us in the language of hope.

When Reverend Michael Curry delivered his sermon he spoke of hope - hope for the future and of love - the power of love.

“Think and imagine a world when love is the way…. because when love is the way, we actually treat each other like we are actually family. When love is the way… that’s a new Earth, a new world, a new human family.”

The wedding communicated to even the most cynical messages of hope

  • Hope that we can all find true love

  • Hope that we can all be a princess or prince for a day

  • Hope that if 10 children ages 2 years to 10 years can be beautifully behaved for the duration of a wedding ceremony, mine can manage to sit and behave during a dinner out

  • Hope that true love can conquer all

  • Hope that families can come together to celebrate

  • Hope that a mother’s love can provide unwavering support

If the newspaper reports are to be believed Meghan Markle would have been drawing on her strength of hope in the lead up to her wedding, Hope that despite all the emotional ups and downs in the lead up to her special day, that her day would be ‘perfect’ and she would be surrounded by the love and support of those dear to her. Watching the footage of her and her mother, Doria travelling to the wedding you could clearly see her mother’s love, courage and hope, written on her face, and when Meghan exited the bridal car she was poised and confident in that love.

By being present for our children and celebrating our children we nurture in them the strength of hope. The act of celebratory rituals contributes to developing a sense of hope; birthdays, family outings, family traditions. Being present with them in the moment, taking time to listen and the recognise the daily occurrences that nurture hope. Taking the time to create ritual, to honour their efforts we are showing them love and demonstrating our hope for them and the future.

To have belief in a better future we all need to have hope and to celebrate hope. So, crack open your full colour wedding lift out and unabashedly enjoy.