Help your children use their strengths to help others

Music for me is something you have on in the background. I do appreciate good lyrics and songs that say something, but music is a soundtrack. So, in my family, I am an island of one when it comes to music, they LOVE music. They listen to music by stopping everything and listening. My eldest recently being freed from the torture of a musical instrument at school, has rediscovered her passion and taken up the guitar. I would say she spends hours practicing but as I watch her its not practice, it is just something she loves doing. I often find my family huddled around the key board or a computer delighting in listening or making music. When my daughters and husband play their music I am not only very privileged to have these mini concerts around me but happier indeed putting paid to the saying “Music tames the savage Mumma beast”.

My youngest loves to sing, she has a unique voice and to her singing is like breathing, natural and effortless. Needless to say, The Voice is a part of our compulsory holiday viewing. This week a singer called “Aunty Ora” highlighted for me the power of strengths to make other people happy. She was a very humble, kind and caring woman who has amazing insight in her ability to lift other people up by using her strengths. She has found a way to use her kindness, compassion and singing to help at risk youth in her community.

If you believe everything you see on social media, we live in a very individual era where everyone is doing something just to make themselves look good, so people will “Like” them. We are all guilty of a post which has painted ourselves living the fantasy life. Imagine, if social media was a place where we posted things with the soul intention of making other people happier, or to be kind?

Here are five ways that you can encourage your children to use their strengths to help others.

Sow the seed: Ask them regularly: How have you used your strengths to make someone happy today?

Role model: Share with your children how you have used your strengths to make someone else happy? One of my strengths is creativity and I use it every day to help people find their creative spark. I love watching the look of satisfaction when someone has silenced their inner critic and created something they are proud of.

Giving them feedback: You can assist your child by sharing with them when you saw them use their strengths to help others. They could have made their friend laugh or helped them solve a problem. Sometimes when we do things and we don’t realise the impact on others.

Helping your children to be good friends: Kids Matter have an excellent sheet about how you can assist your child develop positive social skills including helpful thinking to survive friendship dramas. Click here to find it in our library.

Volunteer: How could you and your child volunteer to share their strengths with others? It could be as simple as brightening an elderly neighbours day with a song or a visiting an aged care resident and having a cuppa.

How do you encourage your children to use their strengths to help others?

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Our programs assist you and your child identify their strengths and use them to help others. "I am AMAZING" is the theme for Term 2 afterschool workshops at The Artspace Collective and Loftus Community Centre. Children will identify their strengths and learn how to to be a STRENGTH HERO. Our Parent and Children Strength Hero workshops are an opportunity to connect and play with your child and further develop mistake making, communication and social skills. Click here for a link to more information and booking.