It’s beginning to look at lot like…. back to school!!

Book boxes, uniforms dragged out from under the bed, new shoes purchased and the Dymo labeller spitting out labels at high speed. The speculation has started about what teacher the kids might have and which kids will be in their class.

A new year, new beginnings, sharp pencils and fresh notebooks. I always loved the anticipation and expectation of a new notebook; fresh pages and the chance for neat ruling up and gorgeous penmanship (perhaps this year was the year I would receive my pen licence!).

Kids and adults alike don’t often extend the same attitude of a fresh start to each other. In our house we have been talking about fresh starts and open minds. Extending the fresh notebook analogy to others and giving our classmates the same opportunity to a fresh start. Approaching others with not just kindness but also fairness. Fairness, in thinking that people can grow and change. We are embracing the philosophy of the wise bear, Paddington who tells us to ‘look for the good in people and they will show you their goodness’.

A ‘fresh start’ fairness look can look like:

  • Leaning in listening – asking question engaging with others and then really listening to their answers.

  • Open body language – smiling, making eye contact, whole body openness

  • Being prepared to be surprised – leave your prejudgement and expectation at the door be prepared to change your mind and give others a second chance.

Fairness and Kindness go hand in hand, so open that new notebook and start the new school year – a fresh!