New Year’s Resolutions

Just as day follows night, Spring follows Winter, so to the delightful abandon of the festive season is followed by (at times remorseful!) New Year’s resolutions.

We have all been there sat with fresh journal and sharp pencil ready to start the new year with new rigour and better yet a new you! The success rate of the uptake of these lofty resolutions, a measly 8%!

This blog post is not going to give you false hope nor a quick fix (sorry), but instead perhaps a fresh take on resolutions.

A few years back (after we attained the white picket fence- check!!), we sat down to toast the old year and welcome the new and threw caution to the wind and decided to create a list of things we wanted to do in coming year; activities, excursions, new experiences etc. When we looked back on the list the following new year, we discovered our success rate was pretty high and our fun score was high too. Rather than resolutions we now write a to do list. Past to do lists have included:

  • Trip to Penguin island

  • Aerial yoga (a one off event)

  • Bush walking

  • Farm stay

  • Making crème brulee with a blow torch top

  • Camping in a tent

  • Playing monopoly to the very end

The to do list is now a family ritual and everyone contributes. Some activities take longer to attain than others (but we did make it to the Maldives after 10 years of list making).

This year I’m going to mix it up and challenge myself to come up with some activities that will challenge me to flex the strengths that come lower down the VIA strengths assessment for me.

If you haven’t yet done the VIA strengths assessment, follow the link to the free questionnaire.

Happy 2018, may it be one filled with strength spotting and adventure!