Resilient kids are Mistake Makers.  Everyone make mistakes and there are many benefits to making mistakes - for one, it’s how we learn.  So, it’s critical that our kids learn how to deal with mistakes in a positive way. 


In this two day program, kids will explore the art of being and thinking like a Mistake Maker through:

  • creating “Make something great from a mistake” sculpting and painting projects;
  • learning about famous Mistake Makers in history; and
  • improving problem solving skills by doing STEM challenges


As this program is a bit longer than a normal day, kids will do some mindfulness colouring-in and meditation exercises that support learning and wellbeing.   


The two day program will give kids the Breath, Admit and Think tool to help them react when mistakes strike and give them: 


  • confidence and perspective to face mistakes;
  • a language to identify how they are feeling and thinking when they make mistakes; and.
  • strategies for dealing with mistakes confidently.  


The BAT (Breathe Admit and Think) tool will help kids react with more confidence when mistakes strike.  Parents will receive a copy of the BAT tool with parent information sheet to help their children deal with mistakes after the program. 


In addition, to looking fabulous, the three completed art projects will act as reminders of the messages long after they are finished. 


MISTAKE MAKER 10th + 11th July 2017 (ages 6 - 12)

  • The workshop is taking place at The Arts Space Collective, 80A Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough (above Ginger Owl).


    Parking can be found at rear of the row of shops.


    We will provide morning and afternoon tea.  Bring lunch and water bottle each day.  


    Paint smocks are provided but we encourage you to send your child in clothes that don’t mind a bit of mess.