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Being a Leader program

The following was written up by Bianca D'Angelo, Teacher, and featured in the 2016 Karrinyup Primary School Annual Report 

" From weeks 3-6 of Term 4, the Year 5's were fortunate to have Fiona Perrella take them through an "Achieving with a Team" Leadership course.   Each Friday they adopted a hands-on approach to learning leadership and teamwork skills in preparation for Year 6.   They did teamwork challenges,  reflected on their attempt, they openly discussed how their team communicated, allocated roles and ensured ideas where listened to.   They set SMART goals in preparation for their next attempt and noted things that were done well and were to be done differently next time.   Through whole class discussion they identified the good leaders and realised they could all lead by example next year without having a badge or title.   Each group felt it was a valuable experience they will never forget"      

Mistake Maker Course 

"Hi Fiona


I have been meaning to contact you to let you know just how much (name withheld)  enjoyed your course. I was a little uncertain as to whether she would enjoy it to be honest.  She can be a determined little thing and she’s quite fixed on what she does well and what she doesn’t like, especially when it comes to art. When she came home on the first afternoon, she claimed it was the best day of her life. She ran through every part of the course, explaining in detail how the brain works, what to do if you make a mistake and proudly showed us her little clay bear. The second day, she was equally enthusiastic. She’s hung up her profile picture proudly and has the scrap book on her desk.

This course was such an unexpected surprise for me and I have been sharing this story far and wide. Little girls often have a really issue being ‘wrong’. For me the pride in being a Mistake Maker is such an empowering concept and I wish I’d learnt it a little earlier in life." 

Don’t be surprised if your course is inundated next holidays!

Happy Mum

Towards Better Communication - Professional Development at various schools

A 1.5 hour course designed to align with the AITSL 6.3 "Contribute to collegial discussions and apply constructive feedback from colleagues to improve professional knowledge and practice." 

Participants reported the value of attending this course included:

"Open my mind to new ideas"

"Reflecting on my own communication and listening skills and understand the importance of listening"

"Gain strategies"

"Has giving me more confidence to speak up"

"Building a toolbox of communication skills relevant to work and home life"

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