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Martin Seligman, in his famous book, the Optimistic Child, summed up every parents hope for their children as follows:


"We want more for our children than healthy bodies...We want them to be eager to learn and be willing to confront challenges. We want them to be grateful for what they receive from us, but to be proud of their own accomplishments.  We want them to be resilient in the face of the setbacks and failures that growing up always brings."  

Strenght Heroes teaches children the values and skills of resilience while they are having huge amounts of fun trying new things, being artistic and creative.   


Children learn skills of:


  • working with others and in a team;

  • focus, planning, sticking to and achieving a task;

  • working out what to do next when things don't go to plan;

  • a growth mindset: challenging self limiting beliefs (such as "I can't!)

This increases children's  sense of achievement and value they place in themselves.  Everything we do is based on challenging self limiting beliefs that can erode a child's resilience and stop children from trying.  

Art with a DOSE of Resilience



We focus on art based programs for children from 6 - 12 years, parents, caregivers and educators linked to the Australian Cirriculum.  We use fun and creative art classes to help develop strong, and confident children. 

All of our programs focus on bringing out the best in anyone, be they children and adults.  They are designed with positive psychology principles and facilitate people to identify and grow their strengths, think healthier and achieve success. 

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