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Strength Heroes develops confident and resilient mistake makers who bounce forward when they are faced with a challenge.  

We do this through a variety of programs for families with toddlers, primary school children, schools, childcare providers, out of school hours care programs, local councils and other organisations.  

All of our workshops use a variety of art and play techniques such as painting, drawing, weaving and sculpting.  

​Children will:

–  develop social and life skills such as learning from mistakes and thinking optimistically;

–  create art and craft on their own, as well as in a team, using a mix of free art play and structured lessons;

–  try new things and be challenged to problem solve;

–  explore resilience themes through art and STEM challenges;

We also provide take home resources for parents to learn and apply strategies to build resilience in the family in a fun and playful way.  

Our workshops include 

Mistake Maker Club -  an after school club run at a variety of locations. 


Toddler Art - ages 2 - 5 - We support families equip your child with a growth mindset through fun, art and play.   

Two day Mistake Maker workshop - giving children skills to bounce forward when they make mistakes.

Mini Mistake Maker - half and one day workshops giving children skills to have a go, try new things and have great self esteem.  

Incursions - a range of affordable school incursions and professional development for educators which have been developed in line with the Australian curriculum.

Click here to go to our new website and find out more.  

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