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With over 20 years experience of bringing out the best in children and adults helping them identify and grow their strengths, think healthier and achieve success Fiona is passionate about supporting families to bounce back from whatever life throws at them. She is a mum of two amazing girls and also an experienced consultant with coaching and training credentials.  She has worked in the corporate world coaching individuals, working with teams and training leaders.  While developing and delivering programs around the themes of career management, resilience, life balance and leadership I began to notice the similarities between issues facing my clients in the workplace and my children starting school. 

Issues such as being resilient, speaking your mind, saying no, being confident, self esteem were affecting both my children and people I coached and trained. She now works with schools, children, families and community organisations and kids to develop skills to discover, engage and succeed.   

Programs have been developed in conjunction with educational experts, psychologists and are evidenced based.  

Fiona Perrella
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