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Workshops for Kids

Our workshops use fun art, play and STEAM activities with resilience themes to learn "helpful and healthy thinking" for mental well-being.

We run after-school and holiday workshops in various locations around Perth. We also run these workshops for schools and community organisations.

All workshops use a variety of techniques such as painting, drawing, weaving and sculpting.  Kids will take home at least two completed art projects from each workshop or program.

Children will:

–  develop social and life skills such as learning from mistakes and thinking optimistically;

–  create art and craft on their own, as well as in a team, using a mix of free art play and structured lessons;

–  try new things and be challenged to problem solve;

–  explore resilience themes through art and STEM challenges;

–  take home resources for fun based discussion with their family and carers.

Each term there is a 8 week program with one of the following five themes.  I will also run  one of the themes as a two day holiday programs.  Click here for the themes 

I am AMAZING Resilient kids are guided by their strengths and values when facing challenges. 

I am GRATEFUL Resilient children are optimistic and practice gratitude.

Brain House  Resilient kids recognise unhelpful thoughts and have strategies to deal with them 

No BIG deal Resilient kids keep things in perspective

Click here to book this afternoon 

The Mistake Maker is our signature course run each holidays and incorporated into our afterschool program.   Resilient kids aren't afraid of making mistakes (and learn from them)

Holiday Classes 

TRY! - A Very Arty Day  Resilient kids have a go, try new things and have great self esteem.  


Strengths Heroes

Parent and children workshops - Have fun with your child exploring concepts such as self esteem, mistake making, helpful thinking and identifying our strengths.  No boring listening to a facilitator, these sessions are 100% thinkering!

Toddler Art for our mini Strengths Heroes 

Toddler and special person play sessions to prepare for kindy.  

Tailored Workshops


School and organisation incursions  -  We provide a range of affordable school incursions which have been developed in line with the Australian curriculum.   We explore topics such as leadership, team work, speaking out using a combination of creative art techniques and STEAM based activities. Click here for a link to our brochure


Professional Development  -  Short sharp and affordable professional development for teachers and educators in topics such as communication, teamwork and leadership.  Click here for a link to our topics. 

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